TFV assistance programme with women and girls involved in sustainable projects

International Women’s Day 2022: The TFV advocates for gender-sensitive support to victims suffering harm from international crimes






On International Women's Day 2022, the Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) at the International Criminal Court (ICC) celebrates the strength and resilience of women and girls who have been victims of the gravest crimes, and advocates for gender-sensitive measures to address their harm.


Women and girls experience such harm differently from men and boys. The TFV and its implementing partners employ gender-sensitive programming of reparations and assistance activities, and in response to the particular injuries caused by sexual and gender based violence (SGBV). Women and girls should have equal access to reparations awards and assistance, and should be in a position to engage, and lead, in conflict mediation and peacebuilding.


The TFV wishes to acknowledge donor support which it has received, earmarked for survivors of SGBV, including from Andorra, Australia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway and the United Kingdom.


Speaking on International Women's Day TFV Board Chair Tavárez Mirabal said, "Today and every day the Trust Fund for Victims reassures its commitment to work for gender equity and inclusiveness, to work against gender bias and inequality, and to take targeted action to see it challenged. We support survivors of sexual and gender based violence, which the majority are women and girls. TFV and its implementing partners are assisting conflict related sexual violence survivors, empowering them and helping them and their families regain their dignity and reintegrate within their communities.".


TFV Executive Director Pieter de Baan said, “Gender sensitivity and inclusion are at the core of the operational principles of the Trust Fund for Victims. Women and girls should have their harm recognised in full, and must have equal rights and opportunity to access reparative measures. Gender equity is a core value of the Trust Fund: in its own ranks, in guiding its partners, and in ensuring reparative value for victims.”


The TFV provides reparations and provides assistance to women and girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Uganda, Kenya and Georgia. With members of local communities, the implementing partners of the Trust Fund provide medical treatment, reintegration, psychological and physical rehabilitation services to women and girls who have witnessed or experienced sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict societies, enabling a response to their individual trauma. Implementing partners receive training in counselling techniques to help survivors heal and rebuild their lives.


Survivors of conflict related sexual violence receive specialised rehabilitation services, engage in income generating activities and participate in peace education activities, including on the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls. Survivors and their partners also strengthen their knowledge of gender equality and empowerment through training on positive masculinity.


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Source: Trust Fund for Victims