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Public Resource Development Consultant








Trust Fund for Victims (TFV)


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05 March 2021- 21 March 2021


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Temporary Contract (6 months), based on deliverables





The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) at the International Criminal Court (ICC) is the first of its kind in the global movement to end impunity and promote justice. With the adoption of the Rome Statute in 2002, the international community has provided a platform to achieve justice for the victims of the most serious crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression. 

Acknowledging the importance of victims’ redress as part of the global justice system, the Assembly of States Parties, under Article 79 of the Rome Statute, set up the TFV.

The TFV is mandated by the Rome Statute, the ICC’s founding treaty, to support and implement programmes that address harms resulting from ICC crimes. It does so in two ways:

  1. Reparations: implementing Court-ordered reparations awards against a convicted person when directed by the Court to do so.
  2. Assistance: using voluntary contributions and private donations, to provide victims and their families in situations under Court jurisdiction with physical rehabilitation, material support, and/or psychological rehabilitation.

To implement its two-fold mandate, the TFV works closely with NGOs, community groups, women’s grassroots organizations, governments, and UN agencies at local, national, and international levels. The TFV empowers victims of crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide and crimes of aggression and their families as main stakeholders in the process of rebuilding their lives, contributing to peace, reconciliation, and rehabilitation in war-torn societies.

The strategic goals of the Trust fund for Victims are:

Impact  As a result of the implementation of reparations awards and assistance programmes, victims and their families overcome harm, lead a dignified life and contribute to reconciliation and peacebuilding within their communities.

Impact is predominantly achieved by the use of voluntary contributions and private donations, as well as of fines and assets recovered in relation to ICC convictions. 

Performance    The Trust Fund for Victims, acting in alignment with the ICC, ensures good governance, accountability and transparency throughout its activities and is assured of adequate capacities and resources to operate its reparative programmes, while adhering to exigencies of efficiency, effectiveness and proportionality

Performance is predominantly achieved by the use of the regular budget of the TFV Secretariat, part of the ICC’s budget, as constituted by the assessed contributions of States Parties to the Rome Statute.



The TFV aims to strengthen its ability to increase revenue from public donor sources, including bilateral donors, multilateral donors and publicly funded international initiatives.

The TFV seeks highly specialised advisory services that will enable the TFV to: (i) develop a strong and competitive market profile based on TFV mandate and brand within the context of the Rome Statute framework; (ii) understand current international financing trends; (iii) act competently and effectively to develop partnerships with, and maximise sustained revenue from, selected public donors


Deliverables [internal note: Consultant accountability]

Analysis of TFV market profile, considering mandate and association with the ICC, potential value of programme (achievements, absorption and growth capacity), niche market value vs. similar and mainstream competitors, and in view of international financing trends

Analysis, with a view to improve TFV market positioning, of international and innovative financing trends, policies and instruments, existing and evolving, suitable to the TFV’s mandate and financing needs (thematic, geographical)

Analysis of TFV’s current public donor network (States Parties) and key actors within, towards deepening and strengthening partnership relations

Analysis of existing and potential non-donor ‘champions’: individuals in and around Rome Statute landscape who support the TFV’s mandate and who may provide access to high value professional and political networks of international public financing

Analysis, with a view to increase eligibility for funding, of TFV’s current resource development practice, roles and capacity, and relevant policies and instruments in relation programme investment and management, and partnership development, including through co-investment arrangements

Establish a pipeline of high potential resource development opportunities for TFV

Facilitate the initiation of high level contacts with selected potential public donors and/or partners

Contribute to the development of content for publicity materials, including through social media; funding proposals and the overall strategy for resource development, to be integrated in the TFV 2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Coordinate inside TFV to harmonise public and private resource development approaches and actions

Advisory services to TFV leadership (Board, executive) and management (programme managers) to strengthen skills and effectiveness in resource development

Desired organisational performance outcomes [internal note: TFV accountability]

Increased revenue from international public donors and initiatives satisfy the TFV’s immediate and longer term funding needs in relation to Court-ordered reparations awards and situational assistance programmes

Long term engagement with high profile international pubic donors and initiatives serve to strengthen the TFV’s profile as a leading and innovative international agency of delivering reparations and assistance to victims of atrocity crimes, and to be recognised as such within and outside of the Rome Statute system

Partnerships with State Parties are broadened and expanded to mobilize funding for TFV and leverage resources, for victims.

Alliances with the EU/AU and financial institutions such as the WB/AFDB, and multi-lateral organisations  etc. are advanced to promote the cause of victims and to initiate investment opportunities.

Alliances with relevant international initiatives, funded from public and/or private sources, towards partnership and co-investment arrangements (e.g., Global Survivor Fund)

TFV capacities are enhanced to successfully nurture and manage public partnerships and donors.



Shortlisted applicants will be requested to submit concise Observations on the Scope of the Assignment and a provisional Work Plan.

The consultancy is for an period of six months. The contract for this assignment will be based on the above mentioned expected deliverables. There are no travel costs and per diem associated with this contract.

The Consultant will work under guidance of the Executive Director and in close cooperation with the Fundraising and Visibility Officer (private donors) and the Associate Executive Officer.

The consultant will be working from the TFV’s office in The Hague whenever possible, and remotely when necessary, for which the reparations consultant will be given Citrix access.

The consultant’s work will be supervised by the TFV Fundraising and Visibility Officer.

As part of the consultancy procedure, the consultant will be required to sign a detailed document on confidentiality.


Consultant profile

Expertise and track record of effective performance in providing high level advisory services to international organisations on increasing resource development and partnership building.

Knowledge and experience of reorienting resource development in changing international financing landscape.

Track record in fundraising for international organisations, including proven access to high value market actors.

Affinity with the TFV’s mandate and programmes, and ability to transform in attractive business proposition.

Excellent communications skills – listening, influence, negotiation/persuasion, counsel.

Ability to effectively interact with and maintain strong working relationships with a broad array of stakeholders.


Application Process

Candidates matching the above criteria can submit their applications through the ICC Website by accessing this link.