“I was an LRA abductee, and now am married, with three children. I was almost going mad because of the psychological abuse inflicted on me by my partner. Before my husband found a second wife, our relationship was very good, but after she came my husband started fighting and being abusive; he would called me names, referring to me as an LRA returnee and a killer. The more I tried to talk to him, the more torture I got, until I took the issue to the clan members. But they supported him, saying I have the character of bush people and that I cannot stay with their son since he now has a good woman. One day we fought almost the whole night, and in the morning our landlord called me and said he no longer wanted to see us on his premises and that I should pack and leave. I started packing to leave, and I communicated to my husband where I was going, but he never answered. I went, hoping that he would come to where I was, but I waited in vain. I stayed there for a week, but he never appeared. So I went to his place to ask for some money for food, because there was nothing to cook for the children. He responded that he didn’t want me anymore and that he cannot waste his resources on me. I went back crying, since the children had nothing to eat. I did casual labour just to get something to eat, and my situation was getting worse every day.

One of my friends suggested I go to the office of COOPI. COOPI offered me psychosocial support and empowered me to go and talk to my husband. COOPI also went to see him. He said that I no longer belong to him and that he doesn’t know me. He called me a prostitute, a wife to Kony, and a murderer, and said he will never again reunite with me. On hearing that, I nearly collapsed, but I was helped by the counsellor. After constant counselling to both of us and follow up for three months, my husband’s attitudes and behaviour started changing. One day he came and said I should pack and come to stay with his mum, though I would not be called his wife. I couldn’t believe it, and immediately I started packing and went. Up to now we are staying peacefully, and he is providing everything needed for the family. For this I really do say thanks to COOPI because they have saved my children and me.

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