Hungary makes voluntary contribution to the Trust Fund for Victims at the International Criminal Court

Hungary makes voluntary contribution to the Trust Fund for Victims at the International Criminal Court


The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) at the International Criminal Court (ICC) thanks the Government of Hungary for its continued financial support this year through a voluntary contribution of EUR 10,000. This unrestricted contribution will be used to redress the harm suffered by victims of Rome Statute crimes, through reparations awards ordered by the ICC and other programmes for their benefit.


Speaking on this contribution to the TFV, H.E. András Kocsis, Ambassador of Hungary to the Kingdom of the Netherlands said, “On the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the International Criminal Court, Hungary acknowledges the remarkable work the Court has been doing as a leading actor in ending impunity while also paying particular attention to victims. Hungary has been supporting the work of the Court since its establishment. Furthermore, addressing the rights and needs of victims is essential for reconciliation and establishing lasting peace. In this context the ICC Trust Fund for Victims plays a crucial role. Hungary’s voluntary contributions throughout the years demonstrate our appreciation and support for the work and activities of the Trust Fund for Victims.”


Thanking Hungary for this contribution, Andres Parmas, member of the TFV Board of Directors, representing the group of the Eastern European States said “the TFV calls upon more States Parties but also private donors to contribute in order for the Trust Fund to perform its tasks. The example of continuous supporters of the TFV such as Hungary, are helping to raise awareness in the international community about the need to put a stronger emphasis on the reparation mechanisms for the benefit of victims of the Rome Stature crimes.”


Hungary has been supporting the TFV continuously through  voluntary contributions since 2012.


The TFV relies on financial contributions to implement its programmes. Unrestricted or not earmarked voluntary contributions, such as this funding from Hungary, are important to allow the Board of Directors the flexibility to allocate the resources to programmes where it is most impactful and necessary. The TFV also welcomes contributions from States Parties’ development and cooperation funding, where possible.


Since 2004, the TFV has received over EUR 47 million from 52 States Parties and individuals.  In 2022, the TFV received over EUR 3,8 million in voluntary contributions. For 2023, the TFV has received contributions from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Sweden and the United Kingdom.


With the contributions it receives, the Trust Fund for Victims is currently implementing reparation programmes for victims of crimes against humanity and war crimes in  in the cases of Katanga, Lubanga, Al Mahdi,  and victims in urgent need in the Ntaganda case, while being involved in reparation proceedings in  the Ongwen case.


The TFV is also implementing other programmes for the benefit of victims through the provision of medical treatment, psychological rehabilitation, socio-economic support, education and peace building activities with collaboration from local authorities and close involvement of local communities. These programmes are currently being implemented in seven situations under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court  in the Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Georgia, Kenya, Mali and Uganda.


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