The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) aims to relieve the material and socio-economic harm experienced by victims in situations before the ICC through a variety of livelihood initiatives to improve economic opportunities for victims, including:  

  • Income Generating Activities (IGA’s)
  • Village and Saving Loans Associations (VSLA)
  • Improved agricultural techniques
  • Vocational training
  • Small business development initiatives

These initiatives are not only the foundation for victims’ economic empowerment, but also a platform for wider family and household empowerment in areas such as food security and increased agricultural productivity. It also leads to an increase in the social participation and reintegration of women, girls, and persons with disabilities.

The TFV also provides training workshops with the objective of empowering victims through knowledge in VSLA methodology to mobilize, form, and train VSLA groups in their communities (acting as mentors). Subsequently, these mentors can train community members in VSLA concepts and establish many VSLA groups in their communities. VSLA members receive small loans that enable them to mobilize capital to engage in income generating activities. The VSLA groups receive regular supervision and guidance on book keeping as well as governance support. Beneficiaries may also be engaged in agri-business where they are able to grow, for example, soya beans, green beans, sun flower, cotton, and cereal crops for sale in area markets to supplement their income and saving. VSLA’s have shown to successfully improve economic conditions of victims and to enhance peaceful co-existence.  

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