Making reparative justice a reality for victims

The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) is the first of its kind in the global movement to end impunity for the gravest of crimes and alleviate suffering. The establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on 1 July 2002 resulted in the creation of the TFV under article 79 of the Rome Statute.

The role of the TFV is to ensure victims’ rights to reparations and assistance are realised in the international criminal justice system.

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What we do

For the victims of crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide whose voices are often left unheard and whose suffering is forgotten, the Court set forth two mandates of the TFV: (i) to implement Court-ordered reparations and (ii) to provide physical and psychosocial rehabilitation or material support to victims of crimes that fall within the jurisdiction of the Court.

Our Mandates

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The Trust Fund’s reparations mandate is related to specific judicial proceedings before the Court that result in a conviction. The reparations mandate is beginning to play a larger role in the Trust Fund’s work as the Court’s first criminal proceedings conclude. With four cases reaching the reparations stage in 2016, this represents an exciting and important opportunity for the Trust Fund to develop and strengthen its institutional partnership with the ICC in order to ensure the success of the reparations regime laid out in the Rome Statute.


TFV News

In reaction to the horrific assault on civilians on June 9 in Sobame Da village, Mopti region, the Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) at the International Criminal Court (ICC) strongly condemns and expresses extreme concern about the recent series of violent attacks occurring


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The TFV asks governments to consider making voluntary contributions earmarked to reparations. The Rome Statute stresses the central importance of the rights and needs of victims to receive reparations for the losses and harms they suffered.