Providing reparative value for victims and survivors

The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) at the International Criminal Court (ICC) helps survivors of the gravest human rights violations to live with dignity, hope and choice. As a leading advocate for the rights of victims and their families, the TFV is uniquely placed to deliver meaningful reparative value to survivors of some of the most severe forms of violence. 

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Who we are

The TFV places victims and survivors at the centre of everything we do. Our teams work for and with victims to deliver vital programmes including mental health, physical rehabilitation, and material support.

Our Mandates

The TFV fulfils two unique mandates: implementing reparations awards ordered against a convicted person by the Court, and providing assistance to victims and their families in ICC situations through life-changing programmes.


the Team

For the victims of crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide whose voices are often left unheard and whose suffering is forgotten, the Court set forth two mandates of the TFV: (i) to implement Court-ordered reparations and (ii) to provide physical and psychosocial rehabilitation or material support to victims of crimes that fall within the jurisdiction of the Court.


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The Trust Fund for Victims relies on voluntary contributions. Our life-changing work is only possible with the generous voluntary donations from both public and private donors. The ICC’s Member States, who share our mission to realise the rights and needs of victims, are our staunchest supporters.