Press Release: 22 December 2020


Nigeria makes first voluntary contribution to the Trust Fund for Victims


Photo: Girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo who have received educational support from TFV`s assistance programme


The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV)  at the International Criminal Court (ICC) takes great pleasure in announcing that in 2020 the Government of Nigeria gave its first ever voluntary contribution of over US$ 18,600 to the TFV. The TFV is both very grateful and proud to receive this recognition of its work by Nigeria and thanks Nigeria for making this tangible act of support for reparative justice.


Speaking on the contribution H.E. Oji Nyimenuate Ngofa, Ambassador of Nigeria to the Netherlands, said “The Government of Nigeria takes pride and pleasure in making its first voluntary contribution to the TFV. We do so to show our solidarity with the victims of those crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of the ICC and to signal our support for the Rome Statue and international criminal justice. Nigeria believes true justice is when the victims receive recognition and reparations for the harms suffered, hence our support for the TFV and its mission”.


Welcoming the donation Chair of the TFV Mama Koité Doumbia said “the ICC and TFV have thus far been heavily engaged in the continent of Africa and this contribution by Nigeria is a greatly appreciated act of recognition of our work and a sign of support for our aims and mission. In committing this financial aid to the TFV, Nigeria is also committing moral and political assistance and this sends a very powerful message to other countries. The TFV looks forward to engaging further with Nigeria in 2021 and beyond.”


Voluntary contributions enable the Trust Fund for Victims to provide reparative value to victims of crimes under the jurisdiction of the ICC through reparations awards and assistance activities.


To date, the ICC has issued three reparations orders in the cases against Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, Germain Katanga, and Ahmed Al Faqi Al Mahdi. The convicted persons in these cases were found to be indigent and the TFV has responded to the Court’s requests to consider complementing the payment of the reparations awards. The TFV also engaged in the ongoing fourth reparations proceedings in Ntaganda.


Under its assistance mandate, the TFV provides medical treatment, psychological rehabilitation, education, income-generating activities, and livelihood support. The TFV is continuing with its programme in northern Uganda, and has launched new assistance programme cycles in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), in Central African Republic (CAR) . It will, furthermore  launch another assistance programme in Cote d’Ivoire (CIV) before the end of 2020.


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