News: 26 April 2021


Central African Republic: TFV now implementing full assistance programme


The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) full assistance programme is now underway in Central African Republic (CAR). This follows the conclusion of a comprehensive series of launch workshops with the five implementing partner organisations, aimed at facilitating the effective implementation of the programme, adapted to the current operational context.


The TFV and implementing partners have agreed to adapt programme activities in consideration of increased cost levels in goods and services in the country, closed or stretched capacity of specialist support services, and limited access to certain locations due to security issues. The TFV and its partners remain committed to provide support to the victims of crimes within the ICC’s jurisdiction in CAR through the new five-year assistance programme.


Speaking on the programme, Chair of the Board of Directors of the TFV, Mama Koité Doumbia, said, “First and foremost the TFV salutes the courage and resilience of the victim-survivors of the crimes committed in CAR since 2002. The TFV’s assistance mandate is introducing a unique initiative in the Central African Republic, featuring a victim-centred and holistic approach towards recognition, recovery and resilience. This is a long-term endeavour that will require continued engagement and support from national and international communities.”


The new assistance programme builds on the TFV’s pilot project which launched in September 2020 and which aims to help a group of pre-identified most vulnerable victims in Bangui. The full programme has a wider reach in terms of number of individuals who can benefit from the programme and the geographical areas it will cover. The assistance programme offers an integrated package of medical and psychological care, as well as socio-economic support including education, vocational training and income generating activities. A priority of this programme is supporting the vulnerable and marginalised survivors of sexual and gender-based crimes.


The TFV assistance programme in CAR operates in Kemo, Ouham Pende, Ouham, Ombella M’poko, and Lobaye areas. The TFV’s implementing partners in CAR are the Mukwege Foundation, Médecins d’Afrique, Dan Church Aid (DCA) and national organisations Association des Femmes Juristes de Centrafrique (AFJC), and Le Comité Inter-africain sur les Pratiques Traditionnelles ayant effet sur la Santé des Femmes et des Enfants (CIAF/Centrafrique).

Speaking on the programmes’ need to adapt to the current global and national challenges, TFV Executive Director Pieter de Baan said Alternative livelihood means, and continued access to education and health services, feature strongly in the adaptive measures agreed between the TFV and its partners. The activities funded by the TFV continue to remain responsive to the long-term objective of enabling victim beneficiaries to attain social and economic resilience.”


The first annual programme cycle of TFV assistance in CAR has a value of €892,000 and is funded by voluntary contributions of the Governments of Japan, Finland, Andorra and Estonia. The pilot project in Bangui was funded by The Netherlands at a value of €250,000, and implemented by Cooperazione Intenazionale (COOPI). 


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